Charlene Shih Intervention Video Installation
Video Installation

A piece of art work in front of the audience is mostly the complete and stunning final presentation. In the last 4 years, I had devoted myself in filming documentaries with almost the ideally wishful thinking to put all the ideas in a video work telling my thoughts through the people and stories in my works. This time I use a more experimental way to “document” for I no longer play the role of the director but a real observer not to ask, to voice or to intervene. By different approaches I deconstructs a pure “documented video” and completely presents it in the barest way showing different angles of the documenting process. However, myself, the not-to-intervene position yet appears at every corner where shows my chosen materials, selected characters, unfiltered sounds and unpolished texts that all are displayed individually in parallel, with the intervention from me and from the viewers.
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