Charlene Shih Secret Garden (with video clips) Video Installation
Secret Garden
Video Installation

Movie Theater is like a secret place for strangers who have never met each other but are forced to sit by one another. And in the process of watching films is like watching other people’s secrets and sharing with bunch of strangers in the mean time.
The couple that is kissing in front of your seat might have just met an hour ago, the woman who cries over a romantic scene might be just using it as a excuse to confess. The person sit right next to you might be a long lost relative, and the seat you are sitting on might be carrying some tragic stories.
The moment the lights are out in the theater, we and the people who are sitting with us, are all sharing some form of secrets, perhaps our darkest secrets; in that short an hour and a half.
As an artist, not only I have always telling other peoples stories, other people’s secrets, I also have to share my own secrets with the audience as well.
In this work, I have collected many others secrets love letters, emails and pictures, and as part of the work, the audience are part of this whole experience.
Sitting in this theater setting, will you share your secrets?
Secret Garden (with video clips)