Sugar Baby Project
In a capitalist world, everything is about materials, money and power. In the madness of the media of our world, there are commercials everywhere telling us what is the newest trend, what to buy, what to believe, and in the end the media ends up controlling people. So if the media has so much power, can I make a commercial to promote and sell an emerging artist? Can a 40-year-old female artist still find a “sugar daddy” - aka a patron of the art?

"Sugar Baby Project" is a project where I collaborate with emerging female artists from different fields to "study" and "package" them, and eventually make a “Commercial” for them. My goal is to market and sell them and their artwork. Using comical and exaggerated style, the video will raise questions in the modern society:
Who holds the power between consumer and media?
What is art, and how much should they worth for average audience?
And in the end, is and where is the line drawn between art and a cheesy commercials?